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"I am so sorry about the mix up on your last order, customer service did not tell me you were having any trouble".

Through years of providing systems consulting, Syspro technologies has found that no matter what role people play in organizations; the most common problem that frontline and strategic members face is access to up-to-date, credible and actionable information; and there is no place more painful to experience the poor implementation of this than in customer facing positions.

Key to delivering fresh and actionable information are products that allow the sharing of information common to Marketing, Sales or Customer Service; however just sharing common information is not enough. Another key to increasing productivity in all the areas is having products that allow customization of the solution to the actual business process and information needed to satisfy customers.

Enter Microsoft Dynamics; a product that provides capability and centralized data storage for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service with integration available into back-office accounting systems. By providing a single place for Marketing, Sales and Customer Service data to be stored, Microsoft Dynamics provides visibility into key areas of any organization's operation, keeping information accessible and up-to-date, so that the right information can be provided to the right person at the right time.

Syspro believes that Microsoft's creation of the Dynamic's approach to the visibility conundrum is the right answer for many. Leveraging the key technology your company may already use, such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Servers and Exchange, you can rapidly move to implement Microsoft Dynamics on technologies that your IT department is already comfortable with.

When your information system is based on Microsoft Dynamics not only will you have access to information, such as detailed customer interaction history, your sales department will be able to track leads as they move from becoming prospects to becoming customers. With several options to choose from for information portability, the Dynamics solution can be with you when you are with your customer.

Syspro technologies uses proven methodologies that allows implementation of Dynamics solutions in very short time frames. As a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner Syspro technologies has earned Microsoft's highest endorsement for competency and delivery of Dynamics based solutions.

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