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Sysprotech QB2CRM®

QuickBooks to CRM is a data synchronization solution for the users of the Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics CRM in such a way that a seamless dialogue can be carried out between the two service oriented systems. This product can be identified by its adaptability and ability to establish a 360 degree view of customer interactions, sales opportunities and buying patterns to help the sales force cultivate more profitable relationships with their customers at the same time optimizing the efficiency and productivity of the internal functioning of the sales and the accounting teams of any single organization at the same time. Syspro QB2CRM streamlines not only how the sales team communicates with clients but also proves to be an effective mediator between the sales and the accounting structure of any organization.

The Syspro QB2CRM ideology

This ideology focuses on the simplification of the end-user experience and provides a lasting impression of a customer oriented organization.

The Syspro QB2CRM ideology motivates the sales and the accounting to work in tandem where the interface user can set a schedule for the bi-directional or uni-directional synchronization of data to be imported. Since the synchronization schedule can be pre-set, it eliminates the need for manual intervention and provides the user with an option to select and synchronize some or all the entities in the service system allowing for it to happen one way or in two directions without sensitive data being exposed to front lines.

A quick pictorial overview of the ‘How things work’ with Syspro QB2CRM will very easily shed light on the fact that Syspro QB2CRM is the solution to needs of any customer driven organization.

Two-way synchronization between the two products is set up during the installation process. Each customer can decide which application gets the precedence.

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